STH Division

STH Division

INTRODUCING STH Bait co. Division

Starting on June 26, 2021 SFL will make a move down the 401 west to offer anglers in Central Ontario something they have been missing since the days of Top Bass. SFL prides itself as a “weekend warrior” organization that focuses on fun, low key, low entry fee, great paybacks, for every level angler. STH will open from Golden Beach Resort on Rice Lake, which will likely cap at 100 boats fast!

“There are more than enough high end events offered across Ontario for anglers to fish, but the GTA region is lacking the just show up, fish, have fun, and be home in time for dinner series” Banford adds. “We try to promote our anglers to not prefish, just come and have a good time, but we still put on a professional and competitive event” He continues.

SFL is know for pushing 80 or more boats across the scales in around 1 hour, Live release stats that boast 99.38% success, and a payback Percentage around 90% before taxes. Most importantly SFL has anglers come with a smile, leave with a smile regardless how the fishing was!

SFL entry Fee’s are $220 which include your tax, entry, and Big Fish pool for events in Eastern Ontario, and will continue that format across both Freedom, and Set The Hook divisions in 2021.


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STH Division Schedule

STH Division schedule

STH Division Payout


STH Division Payout

Any fields below 50 boats SFL Will payback Top 5 and 1 Big Fish. Payback % will be no different than the payback schedule seen in above 50 boats.