2024 Season Bass Open Rules and Regulations - Series Rules

  Tournament Director Phone  

  • Freedom/NETBAIT Cory Banford 613-802-1382
  • Freedom Steve Ackland 613-407-7577
  • Alternate Erin Banford 613-340-1562
  1. You may compete alone or as a team of 2 anglers per boat.
  2. Your boat must be insured and have Minimum $1,000,000 liability coverage.
  3. Livewell is mandatory and must comply with the MNR Catch and Release Rules.(coolers as live wells are not permitted)
  4. Locking is not permitted in any Shootout Fishing League event
  5. All teams Must be on site no later than 30 minutes prior to their scheduled flight.
  6. The last flight out MAY be added into the flight ahead of them. Teams will be contacted in advance if this change is made.
  7. Prizes shall be awarded on a pure weight basis, minus penalties. All prizes are awarded as team prizes.
  8. In the event of a tie, the prize money will be pooled together with the tying position and split equally.
  9. In the event of bad weather, tournament hours may be altered.
  10. Anytime during the tournament should you need clarification on a rule or a special circumstance please feel free to call the acting tournament director see top of page to discuss (if cell service is available).
  11. The Shootout Fishing League has a ZERO TOLERANCE rule for any form of altercations on site. Please walk away and bring any issues to a staff member to deal with the issue. Failure to do so will lead in automatic disqualification and suspension of ALL teams involved.
  12. All sponsor prizes will be dealt with between Winner and Executive, contacting Shootout Fishing League sponsors on your own behalf will not be tolerated, and may result in loss of prize or suspension. The Shootout Fishing League will hold no responsibility of prizes being delivered.
  13. Teams of the year prize will be awarded to the angler with the highest total of points at the end of the year. In the event of a tie, the prize will be divided up accordingly.
  14. Any angler or team that costs SFL monetary penalties, such as bounced cheques, fines charged to the series from angler negligence, lawsuits, will be required to pay damages Shootout Fishing League suffered before returning to any SFL events. SFL has full authority to Deny entry to ANY angler/team should SFL feel it is best for The organization and anglers.
  15. All launch/site fees must be paid to Event location or possibly SFL at AM registration. Launch fee will be added to your next events cost should you miss payment. If you have seasons passes, or use alternate launch, you must inform SFL or you may still be charged.
  16. Every competitor MUST sign a Waiver to compete in SFL events! Failure to insure a waiver has been signed releases SFL from any damages, and automatically disqualifies the Team.
  17. Should any team win 3 events in one season, SFL will automatically place a marshal with that team for the next available event that team fishes in. 
  18. A polygraph may be administered at anytime without question. Refusal to take the polygraph will result in Automatic disqualification, loss of entry, and suspension of future SFL events.
  19. All contest/awards/draws “free events” are non transferable, and hold no cash value
  20. All events are cut off to register by Thursdays at midnight. SFL will offer 100% refunds minus deposit with no exceptions prior to that deadline. No Refunds will be offered after that Thursday deadline. Failure to properly request entry or cancellation of events by the deadline date could, result in loss of entry, loss of membership privileges and removal from future events until full payment is received.
  21. ALL communication between Anglers and Organization MUST be done via email (cory@shootoutfishingleague.com) SFL will not be responsible for missed texts, Facebook or Instagram questions/submissions.
  22. Teams Must register by submitting a form online (or print and mail) along with either full payment, or membership purchase and $20 non refundable or non transferable Deposits per event. 
  23. Using memberships to register is per team. One member may purchase to register but partner MUST also have one before the season starts. Spares (fishing 2 events or less) or minors (18 and under) do not require a membership. 

All SFL Series events (including Championship) are $250 which include Entry Fee, Tax, and Big Fish pool.


* Shootout Fishing League has official authority for any last minute event changes, and rule changes in the best interest for the organization, anglers, and event locations. Verbal announcements will be made about changes and all teams must request a full refund before the 7am start time if any angler disagrees or has concerns. Shootout Fishing League runs all events under an invitational structure. Shootout Fishing League has full authority to refuse entry to any angler that Shootout Fishing League feels they don't have the best interest of the organization, anglers, or sport. No “Pro” registered, or registering angler into the following series or events “MLF Bass Pro Tour, MLF TackleWarehouse Pro Circuit, Bassmaster Elite Series tour Anglers”. SFL Freedom, and Netbait Series Events are reserved for “amateur“ status anglers only. SFL holds the right to deny any angler that registers for either a SFL Team, Or Solo event should we feel it’s for 100% financial gain only by that angler/team, or should we feel it will harm the sport/Series, or should we believe it is just to cherry pick certain bodies of water.

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