Freedom & Netbait Division Draw List.

If you are NOT on this list and believe you should be, please reach out to us. Remember to be eligible for the draw, you MUST have sent in a registration form, along with payment method (FULL or $20 Deposits per event) by Jan 1st to be eligible!


Freedom Division



Netbait Division

Once again SFL has a sponsor jumping at the chance to support the series, and our charity campaign.

Oomen’s fishing tackle will be our title sponsor for the 2024 Tour Championship


@shootoutfishing is proud to announce Oomen’s fishing tackle will be our title sponsor for the 2024 Tour Championship being held this fall on White Lake September 21 & 22. In an exciting new format for 2024, all the teams that register for the 6 tour event’s automatically get entered into the Tour Championship presented by Oomen’s Fishing Tackle.

Ohhhh and that’s definitely not all. Thanks to Judy, once we announced our charity cause for this season she reached out right away to help. Obviously near and dear to her heart, in memory of husband Mike oomen Oomen’s fishing tackle will be adding a $1000 in house shopping spree to the grand champion of the draw, which now puts our total donations over $7400 and @oomens_fishing_tackle will also be one of our suppliers selling the draw tickets starting in April. Thank you Judy! Thank you Mike!

Shootout fishing is very excited to announce the next chapter of our book within the sport of tournament fishing in Canada



After an amazing 2023 season thanks to all our sponsors and anglers, our 10th anniversary was very very special. Giving away 2 cars thanks in partnership with James Braden Nissan of Kingston, we definitely raised the bar.

We want to kick off our next decade with something that gives back to the sport. Something that will hopefully help the sport grow. Something that will get the younger generation watching, maybe even fishing.

We are proud to announce a division within the @netbait and @freedomtackle divisions, SFL YOUNG BLOODS.

Young Bloods will feature all the teams that fish SFL events that are 25 years of age and younger. A young bloods Team of the year page will be created and the TOY winner will be guaranteed a spot on SFL Team Canada including entry fee paid to into the 2024 Bassmaster TeamTrail event, which also includes the accommodation assistance from @americanbaitworks Team Jerseys and more will also be provided!

Thats not all!!!

Thanks to some sponsors, (and we are looking for more to assist) 4 teams have been selected to be given GoPro’s, yolotek powersticks, and lake simcoe powerboxes to film their season for a New SFL young bloods YouTube channel. The 4 teams will also be given the opportunity to be part of American Baitworks Pro Staff should they choose to help them with product and programs offered by ABW.

Coming this 2024 season.

It’s our responsibility to help the sport grow. We hope this is a step towards making that happen. Stay tuned for more information on this and more with Shootout Fishing League. 

SFL Tournament Supply Store

Shootout is able to continue to offer the best paybacks in Canada thanks to all of our amazing sponsors