Rideau River

Rideau River


After hours of weather watching, deliberating with various teams, And listing to concerns from many teams, we have officially decided to postpone tomorrow’s event.

The weather has not improved, and according to both weather network.com and accuweather, severe storms are imminent during the afternoon. With multiple teams fishing solo, or with many inexperienced Anglers this weekend, we feel it’s not going to be the most popular choice, but again the right one in our opinion. Cancelling events costs SFL money, and fees to us that are non refundable so it’s not our choice to ever cancel, but during Covid exceptions we do not want to create even more issues just for fishing.

Please accept our apologies, and inconvenience this may have caused.

Stay tuned for details on this event as we will be making a big vote for the 35 teams on where to Reschedule this event, but sept 6 is the new date.