Desforges, Desforges, Desforges, Desforges, and Desforges!

Desforges, Desforges, Desforges, Desforges, and Desforges!


Yes that’s right, count’em up. 5 Desforges lit up the Ottawa River this weekend with all of them cashing in the top 10.

Big Winner’s Jessica, and Andre Overwhelmingly won with 19.52. Matthieu, and Benoit took 4th Place with 16.20. And the 5th Desforges Daniel, fished with Tom Hyland who finished in 6th Place with 15.58

2nd Place was team Cameron, and Cameron who brought in 18.26 to the SFL XZone scales.

In 3rd Place Saw Team Lamarche and Gaffney claim the Gourleys TOY lead by over 21 Points with a 1st, 2nd, and now 3rd Place in just 3 events.

Trussforce ROY leaders are Paul, and James Bouvier with 205pts, and a tie between team Ferland, and team Loyer in Second with 155.

Van Benthem Reality Group Big B.A.S.S. of the day went to Clarke and Barabash with a tank 6.06