SFL 2024 Season information show

SFL 2024 Season information show

SFL 2024 Season information show

Thursday May 16 8PM

Join @shootoutfishingleague to hear all about what the 2024 season has in store.

* location updates
* Events
* Boat totals
* Young Bloods
* Team Trail
* Paybacks
* “The Tour”
* SFL Supply store
* Halo contingency
* Ranger/Triton/Nitro contingency
* Flight system update
* Deadline’s for payment/registration

We will update you on Everything going on with the series this year. If you have a question about ANYTHING, this is the show to be involved in. It WILL be the last SFL show before the first Thursday IN or OUT show of 2024. #sfl #shootoutfishing #shootoutfishingleague #basstournament #fishontario #rangerboats #rangercup #tritonboats #tritongold #nitroboats #halofishing #netbait #freedomtackle See less

Yesterday at @cancastfishing @shootoutfishing we announced our next “Proposed” undertaking!

SFL Super Series


SFL Super Series for 2025. By NO means is this an OFFICIAL series, but it’s currently in the works, and “IF” we have the interest, we will build it. We are in talks with 2 boat brands, and a US partner on a potential entrance into a Major event for a few teams. Again all this is in the works, but we need your feedback to continue to proceed on building the SFL Super Series.

Line-up is set!

8PM every night starting March 10th


8PM every night starting March 10th with who’s coming off the hottest start for any Canadian sitting in 5th for the Elite AOY. Next on Monday, @cancastfishing @kyle.carruthers to chat about the hottest fishing show in Canada! Tuesday we have on #ryancrowley coming off Back to Back TOY titles with @shootoutfishing to hear all about the spilling the beans tour! Then TOY from the Freedom Division #clancymulvihill on Wednesday Live from Florida. Then saving the best for last with @american.baitworks @bassinbobby Robert Greenberg . Definitely not a week to miss!

SFL Tournament Supply Store

Shootout is able to continue to offer the best paybacks in Canada thanks to all of our amazing sponsors