Spearpoint Performance Hooks

Spearpoint Performance hooks epitomize the pinnacle of fishing hook design, meticulously engineered to elevate performance alongside today's leading soft plastic lures. With the innovative patent-pending VGrip® technology, Spearpoint hooks guarantee impeccable lure presentation and a steadfast connection between hook and fish, empowering anglers to secure more successful catches. This unique offering positions Spearpoint Performance hooks as a valuable asset for any angler seeking superior performance and unmatched reliability in their fishing endeavors.

Since the companies start in 2017, Founders, Erik Hennesay and Art Nubaryan have set out on a mission to bring a true Performance Fishing Hook to the market.

Now, Spearpoint Performance hooks is one of most trusted and favorited hooks for many Anglers across the world. 

Spearpoint Performance Hooks
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