Bassmaster TeamTrail 2023

Bassmaster TeamTrail 2023

Attn anglers: The Bassmaster TeamTrail 2023 contract has come in, and unfortunately for @shootoutfishing nothing has changed. The Organization is required to pay $10 USD per angler to be eligible for the TeamTrail, and with 742 anglers in 2022, that left us owing $7420 USD or roughly 10K Canadian. We did a voluntary $25 per team participation offer with anglers in the past, but that still left us personally out about $7000. With the growth of SFL, we project roughly 1000 anglers fishing with us in 2023 and a bill we can’t afford under the current format. The nice thing with this many teams is “IF” we continue we should have from 15-20 teams eligible to go to the championship.

THE PLAN… SFL will be requesting a $100 FULLY REFUNDABLE entry to be on our team trail list. We MUST get minimum 50 teams signed up and registered by APRIL 1st, or we will send back everyone’s $100. Should we go over 50 teams, the remaining balance will go directly to the qualifying teams to assist with costs at the championship. Qualifying rules with Shootout to make the team will be based off total anglers across the year determining our amount of entries. Best 4 results of the season for both divisions will be eligible. Please share this message to everyone you know who is interested in SFL Team Canada. When you pay, you will see a Team Trail logo beside your name on the team lists. You can follow along with the amount of teams that are registered and who is registered from the list and logo as seen in the photo

Unfortunately they have not released a date and location. Refunds will ONLY be returned if we don’t hit 50, we will not issue refunds on disapproval of dates or locations. Please send etransfers to with note: TeamTrail





No we are not sponsored by any of these brands. Yes we have already posted about it this week. The rewards are too good not to share again!! If you were ever thinking of pulling the trigger on a boat, now is the time. $8000 USD on a $220 entry fee is no joke.

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